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  • Win recognition for academic excellence
  • Be one of two York County high school seniors per year to receive $1,000
  • Student applicants must be members of First Capital Federal Credit Union
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In-School Participation

  • Give your students opportunities to improve their financial skills
  • Cover essential topics, including budgeting, check writing, ID theft, and more
  • Learn how to invite First Capital into your classroom
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Eagles Nest

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Youth Savings Programs

  • Set your children on the path to financial success
  • Establish the importance of saving money from an early age
  • Let us reward their good behavior with prizes
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Private Student Loans

  • Remove barriers to pursuing higher education
  • Enjoy lower interest rates through the Credit Union Student Choice Loan Program
  • Easily access a line of credit up to $75,000
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Credit Builder Loans

  • Get the help you need to build or repair your credit
  • Receive a competitive, fixed interest rate
  • Secure your loan with automatic deposits into a First Capital share account
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