The power of points!

At the beginning of each month we evaluate your credit union activity and participation for the previous month. We look at the accounts you have, your overall account balances, services you've used over the month (like Direct Deposit or Online Banking), and enrollment for special services like eStatements or Online Bill Pay.

The more you use, the more you get.

Each product or service has a point value which adds into your overall score. Once your score is tallied, you begin earning benefits based on your star level. For example, a score calculated May 1 is based on April activity with benefits awarded for the entire month of May.

*This program does not apply to Deep Sea Savers, NextGen, Business, Custodial, Estate or Rep Payee Members.

Points Value

  • 0-45
  • 46-85
  • 86+
1st order of Share Drafts (checks)FreeFreeFree (+1 box per year)
Dividend Earning Share Draft Accounts (min. $1,000)FreeFreeFree
Mobile BankingFreeFreeFree
Mobile Check DepositFreeFreeFree
Online BankingFreeFreeFree
Online Bill PayFreeFreeFree
Telephone BankingFreeFreeFree
Credit Health Check-UpFreeFreeFree
Share Draft Copy ***(free online)$3.00/eaFreeFree
Corporate Check***$5.00/ea.FreeFree
Money Order*** (up tp $1,000)$2.00/ea.FreeFree
Safe Deposit Box (annual)***By size3x5 Free*3x5 Free*
VISA Gift Card Fee***$4.00$4.00Free
Wire Transfer (incoming)$10.00$10.00Free
Wire Transfer, Domestic (outgoing)$20.00$20.00Free
Unpaid Item Fee (NSF)***$30.00$30.00Free
Stop Payment$25.00$25.00Free
Statement Reprint$5.00/ea.$5.00/ea.Free
Loan Discount (fixed-rate only)N/AN/A-0.15%
Certificate Bump RateN/AN/A+0.10%

Use our simple chart to keep track of your points!

Download MyPoints Chart
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