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Helping College Students Save Money


It may still be summer, but for many, thinking about the upcoming school year has been on their mind, especially if it will be the first time they are away from home. College can be an incredibly exciting adventure to go on, but a person also needs to make sure they have the money they need to enjoy the experience.

It’s not a secret that paying for school can be expensive, and a person might have to take out loan accounts in York to cover the expense. However, in addition to tuition, there are other costs that people have to be ready and have money for.

College Costs to Expect

Life can be incredibly expensive, even at college. Below are some of the expenses a person can expect to encounter when they leave home to further their education.


More than likely, students won’t be getting mortgages in York to buy a house, but they will have to pay rent if they live off campus. Even if they live on campus, they’ll have to pay for the accommodations. This could be included in their tuition or it may be something separate. No matter where a person lives, they’ll have to pay something to keep a roof over their heads.


In addition to keeping a roof over a person’s head, they’ll have to make the space comfortable. This is true whether they are renting or have mortgage loans in York to buy a house. From heating to cooling to gas to electricity, a person will have to take care of their utilities each month. They may also have cable and internet bills they’ll have to pay.


Students can’t go to class without having the proper materials, and books are part of that. They will more than likely have to get new books at the start of every semester, and this could wind up costing them quite a bit.


Depending on where a person lives will determine what type of transportation they’ll need. If they are living on campus, their feet may be all they need to get to class. However, they may also decide to have a bike. This can also be beneficial if they live off campus. While this form of transportation won’t cost much, a person will still need to figure in maintaining the bike and getting new parts of the other ones wear out.

They may be able to take public transportation to get where they need to go, and they’ll have to figure in how much it will take to get a pass. If they have a car, there are many more expenses they’ll need to consider each month.

Food and Clothing

Everyone has to eat. This expense can vary depending on whether or not a person lives on campus or not and how much they eat during the month. Everyone has to stay warm, too. While a person may not need new clothes every month, their current ones will eventually wear out and they’ll need to get some new ones.


A person can’t be expected to study all the time. They’ll need to take breaks and find ways to relax and unwind. While there are some things a person can do for free, there are others that will cost money. From eating out to going to the bars to watching a movie, a person will have to figure the cost into their budget.

Medical Expenses 

People get sick, it happens. If this happens to a student, they’ll need to be able to cover the costs in some way. If they don’t have business banking in York, then it will need to come out of their personal account, so figuring this into the budget can be beneficial. 

Ways to Save Money

College may be expensive, but there are some ways a student can save some money. The following are some suggestions they might consider to help with their budget.

Buy Used Textbooks

Since books can be incredibly expensive, getting used textbooks can be beneficial. This will decrease the amount of money a person spends each semester for their classes. If they books are offered electronically, this can be an even better way for a person to save on this expense.

Buy a Coffee Maker

Students have long hours. They may get up early to go to class and stay up late to study. Using coffee to stay awake can be beneficial, but buying multiple drinks from the store or a coffee shop can get expensive. Save the budget buy getting a coffee maker and making this drink at home.

Free Food is Always Beneficial

Most campuses will offer a variety of events for students to participate in, and that means they may offer free food. To help reduce costs, a student should take advantage of these gatherings and enjoy hanging out with others and the food.

Use Student Discounts 

A lot of places offer student discounts. This could include the movie theater or clothing stores. Usually, all it requires is a person showing their student ID. A student should use this to their advantage to save some money.

Stay on Parent’s Insurance 

On average, a student is allowed to stay on their parent’s insurance until they are 26. This can be incredibly beneficial in helping reduce medical costs.

Sell Anything that’s Not Needed 

If a person finds that they have a lot of items that they no longer need or use, they should consider selling them. This will give them some extra cash that can be added to the budget and used for a variety of different things.


Going away to college can be both thrilling and nerve wracking. There can be a lot of expense involved with the process, but having a budget in place and keeping track on spending by using online banking in York can be beneficial. Summer is still here, but it’s never too early to start saving and getting ready for what the school year might bring.

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