Protecting Yourself

Always use caution when providing personal information on the Internet or in email and text messages. Even if you receive an email or text from someone who you know or do business with, be certain before providing any personal information. If you are not certain, do not reply to the message you received. Instead, open a new e-mail message and "reply" using the e-mail address you have on file for the person. This will ensure you are communicating with the right person. On the Internet make sure the website address includes "https" which indicates the communications are encrypted (secure) before sharing personal information.

Fraudsters are looking for the following types of information that can be used to steal your identity:

  • Account Numbers
  • Passwords
  • Personal Identification Numbers (PIN)
  • Social Security Numbers (SSN)
  • Credit Card Number
  • Debit/Check Card Number
  • CSV Number (3 digit code on the back of cards on the signature line)

Remember, First Capital will never ask you for personal information via email or text

Smart Online Shopping - How to find a safe vendor

One of the risks to conducting e-commerce (shopping online) is choosing a vendor (or financial institution) that won't collect your personal information and sell it to some third party. Here at First Capital we will never sell your personal information.

Use Well-Known Merchants. Well-known companies are more likely to be honest, have good security procedures, and have the resources to find and stop identity theft.

Use Businesses that Have Physical Locations. Businesses that don't have real offices or are run out of someone's basement may mean they are fly-by-night businesses.

Use Businesses that are Registered. In almost every area of the world, there is some form of registration for businesses to operate. Companies that have registered have shown some level of effort to identify themselves personally with the organization and are less likely to engage in outright fraud.

Develop a Relationship first. If possible, make the first couple of purchases from the merchant in small dollar amounts.

Use Businesses that have Established a Good Reputation. Businesses that spend the time and effort to build a good reputation are not likely to defraud you. Reputation takes years to build and moments to lose. Search the name of the person or business to see what others say about them.

Register for an Alert Service. First Capital offers various email alerts associated with activities on your account. For more information login to Online Banking and click on Alerts.

Some credit card companies and other vendors offer protection services that monitor your card activity and/or credit reports and will notify you if there is suspicious activity.