How do I know which Credit Card is right for me?

First Capital offers four convenient options to fit your financial needs!

  • VISA® Signature Rewards Cards – Are you looking to earn rewards for every day purchases? This card may be for you! Earn points for every dollar spent that can be redeemed for travel, cash back, merchandise, and much more!
  • VISA® Platinum Cards – Great for anyone who is looking to consolidate balances, or carry a balance each month with a low, introductory rate of 2.99% APR*.
  • VISA® Secured Cards – This is the perfect option for anyone looking to establish credit, or rebuild their credit history, and getting you on the road to financial success!
  • VISA® Business Rewards Cards – This card offers the flexibility to separate business from your personal expenses, while providing convenience and rewards points for your purchases! Redeem your points for gift cards, merchandise, cash back, and more!

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate

What interest rate will I receive?

All First Capital Credit Cards are created to give you financial flexibility at a low rate! All rates are determined by the U.S. Prime Rate, posted in the Wall Street Journal, plus a margin of 4.74% - 14.74%, as of the 1st day of each quarter. Rates are assigned based upon the applicant's creditworthiness.


Is there an Annual Fee?

Great news - There are NO ANNUAL FEES for any of First Capital's VISA Credit Cards!

Can I transfer balances from other accounts? Are there any fees involved?

With all of First Capital's VISA Credit Cards, you have the option to transfer outstanding balances from your other accounts to your new First Capital VISA at ANY TIME with ZERO FEES! Save money by consolidating your high-rate balances into a single, easy and affordable payment today!

Balance consolidations can be completed by visiting any of First Capital's locations and speaking to a Member Service Representative, or by logging into First Capital's Home Banking Credit Card section.

Take advantage of our introductory fixed rate of 2.99% APR* for 15 months when you open a VISA Platinum Credit Card!

How do I make my Credit Card payment?

There are many convenient payment options to best serve your needs!

  • Visit any First Capital FCU location and speak with a Member Service Representative
  • Log into your First Capital Online Banking from a computer
  • Set up an automatic payment from your First Capital Share Draft Checking or Primary Share Savings account
  • Call (800) 893-2328 to speak to a Member Service Representative

What do I do if my VISA Credit Card is lost or stolen?

To report a lost or stolen VISA Credit Card, If you have a lost or stolen credit card, please call (717) 767-5551 or (800) 893-2328 and select option 8.

Why does my new First Capital FCU VISA Credit Card look different than my old one?

Your new VISA Credit Card now has chip technology, providing greater protection against fraud.

What is a chip-enabled credit card?

Chip cards have a microchip embedded in the credit card. This chip is encrypted and provides stronger security and protection against fraud. The microchip stores information required to authenticate, authorize and process transactions.

What should I do with my existing First Capital FCU Visa Credit Card?

Once you activate your new card, please destroy your existing card for security purposes.

How does chip technology protect my information?

Every time you use your credit card at a chip-enabled terminal, the embedded chip generates a unique transaction code. This prevents stolen data from being fraudulently used.

Where can I use my chip-enabled credit card?

You can use your chip card anywhere VISA is accepted at millions of retailers around the globe. If a merchant is not yet chip-enabled, the card can be swiped for the purchase. You may also still use your card for purchases made over the phone, by mail or online.

How do I pay with a chip-enabled card?

Insert the chip end of the card into the terminal with the chip facing up. Keep the card in the terminal throughout the transaction and follow the prompts on the screen. Then, remove the card when promoted and take the receipt. If the card is removed before the transaction is completed, the transaction will be cancelled.

When making a purchase, how will I know when to use the chip or the magnetic strip?

If you use a payment processing terminal that is chip-enabled, the terminal will require you to make your purchase using the chip. If you swipe your magnetic strip on a chip-enabled terminal, the terminal will tell you to place your chip card into the designated slot. If the terminal is not chip-enabled, you will be able to make your purchase using the magnetic strip.

Why do I need to leave my card in the terminal?

While your card is in the chip-enabled terminal, the embedded chip creates a unique transaction code. This prevents stolen data from being fraudulently used. If you remove your card too soon, your transaction will be cancelled.

Does my chip-enabled credit card work at an ATM?

Yes, you can still use your chip-enabled VISA Credit Card to withdraw cash from an ATM using your PIN.

If a merchant does not accept chip-enabled cards, is using the magnetic strip as secure as using the chip?

No, if a merchant does not accept chip-enabled cards and the magnetic strip is used, it will not be as secure as using the chip. These transactions will process as they do today using standard magnetic strip cards.

Will my credit card number change?

No, your credit card number will remain the same. However, your CVV2 code and expiration date will change. It is important that you update your information for any automatic payments that you may have set up.

Will I still earn rewards on my new VISA Signature Rewards Card?

Yes, you will continue to earn the same rewards if you have a VISA Signature Rewards Credit Card.

How can I request a chip-enabled VISA Credit Card?

We will automatically send you a chip-enabled card when your current card expires.

Will the PIN on the old card transfer to the new card?

Yes, the PIN from the member's old card will transfer over to the new card.