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The Credit Union is operated solely for the benefit of its members. Earnings are returned to members in the form of higher dividends and enhanced services. All of the financial products and quality service provided to our members demonstrate First Capital's personal commitment to live our mission: "The financial well-being of our members and dedication to our community come FIRST."

As your financial institution, we satisfy the financial needs of the members with a full-line of consumer friendly products and services, many at no cost. We offer loans designed to meet our members' credit needs - new and used vehicle, home equity, consolidation, credit builder, personal and student. Plus, you'll appreciate our low loan rates.

Membership Eligibility

First Capital Federal Credit Union members are also owners, helping each other offer competitive savings, checking and loan programs that are designed to assist members in building a better financial lifestyle. Becoming a member of First Capital means that you can take advantage of all the benefits of membership for as long as you are a member.

Once a member, always a member. Whether you retire, change jobs, or relocate, you can still keep your membership with First Capital. Being an employee of an affiliated organization may bring you to First Capital, but our personal member service and constantly improving benefits will keep you a part of the First Capital Federal Credit Union family. We invite you to join the nearly 18,000 members who have discovered the First Capital advantage.

How to Join

To qualify for membership at First Capital Federal Credit Union, you must be one of the following:

  • An employee or retiree of a Select Employee Group (SEG) affiliated with First Capital Federal Credit Union
  • An employee's immediate family member - related by blood, marriage or other recognized family relationship
  • Roommate or someone sharing another member's household
  • Volunteer associated with a First Capital Select Employee Group

Before You Get Started

We'll need only three things to establish your membership with First Capital:

1. A completed membership application.

2. A copy of your ID - we accept the following forms of ID: Valid Driver's License, State-Issued ID card (no more than 4 years old) Military ID Card or other government issued ID, Passport or Resident Alien Card.

3. Open a Regular Share savings account with a minimum deposit of just $5, and a one-time membership fee of $1.

Note: Please be aware First Capital FCU will request information from those applying for membership to verify your identity.

Get Started Today

Get started right away by opening and funding your Regular Share Savings account online with as little as $5. By opening this account, you will be walked through the membership application process at the same time. Establish membership by opening your Regular Share Savings account today.

We invite you to join the 17,000 members who have discovered the First Capital Federal Credit Union advantage. If you qualify for membership, and would like more information, please complete the following application or do any of the following:

Contact Member Services for further questions about membership.

Or if your company is not affiliated with First Capital, contact us to find out how your company can become a Select Employee Group. Call (717) 767-5551 ext. 1125 or send us an email.